St. Louis, Missouri (June 29, 2010) – It was announced today that the Managing Director of FedEx Auto Transport, a division of FedEx Custom Critical, Inc., together with a small investment group had completed a buy-out of the company, returning it to the name which FedEx purchased from founder Robert Pass in 2000. Neil R. Pitt, President of Passport Transport, led the group which purchased the pioneering company.

“Through decades of outstanding service and innovation in transport the Passport brand established itself with the collector car community. Taking the company back to that name was a natural”, said Pitt, who joined the company in February, 2009. “Our many long-term employees here provide the continuous link between what Robert Pass started here back in 1970 to the service we seek to deliver to our clients tomorrow.” In purchasing the company, Pitt partnered with Evergreen Investments, a sister company of Evergreen Historic Automobiles, a private museum with over 450 convertibles in inventory.

Passport Transport’s door-to-door service moves from collector to collector, to major museums, auctions or concours events with a level of personal care clients have come to rely upon. “The auto transport industry is based on relationships and the understanding that the precious cargo we haul is just that- precious- and not freight to be dropped off at a dock” added Pitt. Whether it’s bringing back the car a client had on their first date as an anniversary gift or the purchase of a car glimpsed years ago at a World’s Fair which became a life-long dream, emotional attachments are what makes transporting vehicles such as these the work of a dedicated team. The drivers of Passport Transport’s fleet are the most experienced in the industry, with the longest tenured having served 27 years with the company.

Headquartered in St. Louis, MO, Passport Transport was the first company to use fully enclosed, high security trailers to transport cars. In the decades since then, Passport has moved thousands of cars for collectors large and small, literally growing up with collector car hobby along the way. Its highly versatile trucks can be quickly configured to accommodate vehicles as diverse as an Indy race car, a classic Packard, a Lamborghini or a vintage fire engine- safely and correctly.

President Neil Pitt continued, “Passport Transport was an innovator and we’ll continue that innovation, with some very exciting booking and tracking capabilities including real-time GPS tracking available to our customers. You’ll be able to track your vehicle online and receive text and email alerts when your vehicle is within 200 miles of its destination. We’re very excited to begin another great era for this wonderful company.”

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