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1955 Dodge Firebomb Concept

1955 Dodge Firebomb Concept

Basic Information

Car Details:1955 Dodge Firebomb Concept

Sale Details:Platinum Only

Auction:Barrett-Jackson, on

Lot #:Platinum Only

SCM #:6624

Condition Description

"Factory show car. Chrome wire wheels, 4 barrel 270hp Hemi, automatic. Nose badged Dual Ghia because Dual used this car as the prototype. Concours restoration in '92, now showing the effect of shows and moving around. Still very good."

Market Opinion

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Vehicle Information

Chassis/VIN #:D55367824








Condition Rating Key

1: National concours standard/perfect

2: Very good, club concours, some small flaws

3: Average daily driver in decent condition

4: Still a driver but with some apparent flaws

5: A nasty beast that runs but has many problems

6: Good only for parts

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