Strange But True Tales of Car Collecting


Abandoned Bugattis? Rusty Rolls-Royces? A priceless collection of historic vehicles, rotting in the sun? The horror… the horror!

But that’s what you’ll find inside Strange but True Tales of Car Collecting. As many car enthusiasts know, the automotive world is rife with otherworldly stores of intrigue, mystery, chance redemption, and ruin. The stories collected here are some of the best, culled from those who lived or witnessed them firsthand. They stretch east to west and north to south, stories from deep in America’s heartland, all the way to the foggy streets of London and the tropical jungles of Brunei.

Bizarre players? Check. Beautiful cars? Check. Femmes fatales? A few. But there’s only one way to find out—open the book, turn the page, and prepare to be amazed!

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