1948 Veritas BMW Rennsport

This is a front-running, potentially winning car at the Monaco Historic Grand Prix. Now the price all starts to make sense


Veritas was formed in 1946 by BMW engineers Ernst Loof and Lorenz Dietrich to build BMW-engined sports cars. Because steel was virtually unavailable in post-war Germany, the bodies were all hand-finished in aluminum, with steel being confined to the main chassis members.

This, and a general shortage of all other components, explain why no two Veritas cars are really identical. Even so, as conditions allowed motor racing to return in one form or the other, the cars enjoyed a certain measure of success.

Their first was an outright win by Karl Kling at the 1948 Nurburgring sports car race at an average speed of 161 kph-almost 100 mph. The small company finally closed in 1953 when Loof returned to BMW.
Estimates of the number of cars built, including renn-spyders, coupes, and single-seaters, vary, but the number is usually thought to be around 78.

The 1948 Veritas BMW Rennsport on offer here has been restored to the original renn-spyder configuration. Although chassis 85123 took part in several races in Germany in 1948, its first recorded overseas race is with Dennis Poore in 1949 at Goodwood, where it placed 6th at the September sports car meeting.

In the early 1960s, it was given a more stylish body treatment before being sold to a Mr. Beemsterborer. He intended to restore it to original, but this did not happen until the 1980s when it was bought by a German owner. The Veritas BMW was shipped to England, and the work was carried out by the highly regarded TT Workshops Ltd. at a cost reputed to be over £100,000 (only about $110,000 in those strong-dollar days).

The car was then resident in the U.S. from 2001 until being re-imported to Europe by a major Swiss collector in 2003. It is in exceptional restored condition, possesses FIA papers, and is totally fit and ready for the next season.

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