1954 Morgan Plus 4 Drophead Coupe

The drophead top doesn’t compress very well, and in the “down” position often gives the appearance of a car packing a mattress

HF. S. Morgan couldn’t have guessed back in 1910 that the DNA of his first trike would form the basis of generations of Morgan sports cars. Or that the appeal would extend from pre-WWI owners to more worldly men and women nearly a century later.

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Norm Mort

Norm Mort - SCM Contributor

Norm is a lifelong car enthusiast with a particular affinity for small, odd things. His first microcar was a 1957 Berkeley S328, and he currently owns a 1935 Morgan F2, 1958 FriskySport, and 1967 Reliant Regal. For over two decades, his columns and features on collector cars have appeared in magazines, newspapers and websites across North America and Britain. Mort has written many books about collector vehicles, including Micro Trucks and American Woodies 1928–1953. He lives in Wellington, Ontario, and has owned and operated an independent collector-vehicle appraisal company since 1992.

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