1955 Mercedes-Benz 300S Coupe

Stuttgart’s choice of pre-WWII, 540K designer Hermann Ahrens masked brilliant new engineering with an image of the past


More expensive than the 300SL sports car and almost double the price of a contemporary Cadillac, the Mercedes-Benz 300S was one of the world’s most exclusive automobiles. Elegantly styled in the prewar manner, yet technologically up to date, the 300S was built to the Stuttgart firm’s uncompromising standards. Such conservative luxury produced Read More

John Olson

John Olson - SCM Contributor

One of John's first cars was a Mercedes 300Sc roadster. He’s been hard to please ever since, and has owned memorable cars from makes as varied as Studebaker and Ferrari, plus a bunch more Mercedes. In each case, he sold for more than he paid. Like most car enthusiasts, this was not his goal, but he’s not complaining, and he turned his experiences into a book, Make Money Owning Your Car (And Enjoy Every Minute). After discovering he liked words as much as cars, he began publishing the SL Market Letters (SLML), which has been rolling along for 27 years now. Olson has self-published three additional books; the latest, The SL Experience, is one of Amazon.com’s best-selling Mercedes books of this decade.

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