1956 Lancia Aurelia B24 S Convertible

In 1954, Lancia introduced a sporting Pininfarina-designed Spider aimed at the American market. After a brief production run, Lancia replaced the Spider with a more developed convertible, complete with a more substantial soft top and roll-up windows. Between 1956 and 1958, only 521 B24 convertibles were built, of which approximately 160 were constructed on the desirable Fifth Series platform.

When new, these elegant open Aurelias commanded a price tag approaching $5,500, but for those who demanded quality, performance and style from their sports car, it was well worth it.

In 1961, with just over 35,000 original miles on the odometer, this Lancia blew a head gasket. Instead of repairing the 5-year-old sports car, the owner decided to store the convertible in his garage, where it remained virtually untouched for more than four decades. In 2005, the Lancia finally emerged from storage, and restoration of the car was begun. However, after three years, the project had not advanced beyond preliminary stages and, in 2008, it was sold to the current caretaker. During the next two years, the Lancia was treated to a complete restoration, performed to the highest standards of cosmetic and mechanical excellence. Renowned marque specialist Tony Nicosia performed a comprehensive mechanical restoration, Steve Beckman’s Metalworks addressed the paint and bodywork, and Angels Plating restored the chrome and trim pieces to their original brilliance.

The consignor, a gentleman well versed in high-quality Italian sports cars, completed the final assembly and ensured that all the details were properly addressed. After the bodywork was prepared to exacting standards, it was finished in an elegant metallic silver-gray that lends an appearance that is both striking and understated. The cockpit was carefully reupholstered in red leather, as it was originally done. It should also be noted that this exceptional B24S is accompanied by its original tool kit and jack, as well as a correct owner’s manual and top instructions. Even the original yellow and black California license plate “SNC 531” remains with the car after all these years.