1958 Facel Vega FVS Series 4

1958 Facel Vega FVS Series 4
Courtesy of Motostalgia

It’s hard to believe that the beautiful Facel Vega automobiles evolved from a company that specialized in building office equipment.

By the late 1950s, these limited-production vehicles, which had depended upon powerplants supplied by Chrysler from the start, had grown quite a fan base among those who knew quality automobiles. In 1958, a powerful Hemi V8 from Chrysler powered the FVS.

Shifting the new Franco-American design was a choice of 4-speed manual transmission or the push-button-operated Power-Flite automatic. This car was a mixture of Old World body construction combined with a modern drivetrain, and it was well received. Just 85 units were produced in 1958 for its premiere model year, and finding an original example in decent condition is a rare treat indeed.

This outstanding example of the Facel Vega had been treated to a full and complete restoration.

Finished in a pleasing Argent Silver, it accents the deep frenched stacking headlights, with gleaming chrome bumpers, trim and flashy wire wheels.

Under the hood is show-car ready with the mighty Mopar V8 beautifully finished including the “Batwing” air-cleaner. The interior has been finished in luxurious leather that will comfort the driver and three of his most intimate friends. The superb wooden veneers set off the full assortment of gauges including the 160-mph speedometer.

The trunk area has also been finished and presents plenty of luggage room, with the spare tire concealed in a special compartment. Performance is reported to deliver neck-snapping acceleration with smooth, push-button shifting. As more collectors start to realize how special these cars are in design and execution, their values continue to go up, making this FVS a rising star you need to try and catch.