1960 Faccioli Tipo BF Formula Racer

Bologna-based engineer Aldo Faccioli started out in 1947 when his OSFA workshop (Officina Specializza Faccioli Aldo) designed, developed, and built 750-cc specials based on the Fiat 500 chassis fitted with the Lancia Ardea engine.

The subsequently named OFSA/Lancia spider achieved numerous top-five finishes throughout the 1950s. In 1960, racing driver Massimo Bondi commissioned Faccioli to build a car to compete in the increasingly popular Formula Junior series. The result was one of the first mid-engined Formula Juniors to come from Italy, its pleasing lines echoing those of a Maserati 250F. The Faccioli was powered by a tuned Fiat 1100/103 engine and used a modified Fiat 600 four-speed gearbox.

Records show that the Faccioli Tipo BF (Bondi/Faccioli) was competitive and results sheets indicate that the car was driven in many Italian races by “Cesare.” The only one of its kind ever made, this Faccioli was also driven by Anzio Zucchi, a well-known team driver for Alfa Romeo and Abarth. As of the late 1970s, the Faccioli was exhibited at the Monza Museum for some nine years and while there was incorrectly described as the only rear-engined Bandini. The car became active again in the hands of Ken Booth in 1985.

Since 1985, known owners include Chris Alford and the car last ran at Goodwood in 1998. Immediately after Goodwood, the engine underwent a documented rebuild by Cyril Linstone. The car has not been run since. This unique and extremely pretty car is eligible in all relevant Formula Junior events, which of course include the Silverstone Classic, Goodwood Revival and the Lurani Trophy Series.

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