1960 Porsche 356B Super Roadster

When Porsche introduced the improved 356B in 1960, the Speedster was succeeded by the Roadster. This was a change in name, even though both cars, and the interim Convertible D in between, remained at the bottom of the Porsche price schedule.

In addition to the new name, the 356B delivered meaningful changes to the chassis, body, engine, and transmission. Larger Alfin brake drums were standard, there was a new transmission and shift lever design, and the 356B bodies had raised headlights with more serious bumpers. Engines were both improved in reliability and power, with a new pushrod variant, the 90-hp “Super-90” joining the 60-hp “Normal” and the 75-hp “Super.”

The 356B Super Roadster offered here has recently undergone a two-year comprehensive restoration that began with the dismantling and examination of all the parts and components. The 356B was then stripped to bare metal and installed on a rotisserie. Doors and lids were fitted to the body panels, epoxy-sealed, painted, color-sanded and polished. All rubbers, seals, and gaskets were replaced. Trim was replaced or replated while new floors, battery pan, and longitudinals were also installed. The engine and transmission were rebuilt utilizing new German hardware and the exhaust system was replaced.

The interior received the same attention as well, with all electrical components restored or replaced, including the fitting of a new wiring loom. All instrumentation was rebuilt. The interior features correct German carpeting, vinyl, and leather. The seat frames are powder-coated and match other interior trim pieces. The silver paintwork and red interior are both in overall excellent condition. The engine and bay are very tidy, as is the underbody and front compartment. All in all, this is an exceptionally restored example that could not be duplicated at its offered price.

The Roadster is one of the rarest body styles, with 2,902 built from 1960 to 1962. This particular 1960 356B Super Roadster serves as a perfect example of the marque.

Jim Schrager

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Jim wrote for the 356 Registry and SCM for over a decade, was a Contributing Editor for Porsche Panorama (the magazine of the Porsche Club of America), and wrote for Excellence and the Porsche Market Letter. He has written two popular books on vintage Porsches: Buying, Driving, and Enjoying the Porsche 356; and Buying, Driving, and Enjoying the Early Porsche 911. He owns about 20 vintage Porsches, which he attempts to keep on the road through all kinds of weather. He is a clinical professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, where he teaches a popular course on strategy. He actively races his family’s 41-foot sailboat with his two boys on Lake Michigan.

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