1960 Volkswagen Split-Window Pickup

1960 Volkswagen Split-Window Pickup
Volkswagen pickups were worked to death and their lifespan was shorter than that of a Roman slave


Unquestionably among the most innovative designs of its day, the Volkswagen “dropside” pickup stretched the definition of full-service utility vehicles. Production of the pickup was started in 1952, and it borrowed the cab from the front of the popular Transporter Type 2.
The “dropside” ability meant that the truck’s five-by nine-foot bed could be exposed by dropping the side and tailgates. That made it easy to load large objects, which could be accessed from either side.
Over a million split-window Transporters were made but the pickups are increasingly rare, and a limited number remain. The Volkswagen Split-Window Pickup on offer appears to be in very presentable overall condition and benefitted from a thorough and professional restoration when it was in the care of the Blackhawk Collection. Having a few owners since, this example has enjoyed limited mileage and fastidious care. Most recently, it received a full engine rebuild by Volkswagen expert Bob Donald at Boston Engine Company.
The VW dropside pickup is a well-planned design, unlike today’s market in which as trucks grows bigger, bed size and usable space diminish. In the late ’60s a VW pickup could carry a mattress, ten hippies, and a bongo drum-or possibly even a Formula One racer with the nose removed. This truck deserves attention for its rarity, lovely overall condition, and unlimited use potential.

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