1961 Aston Martin DB4 Series III

I truly believe there is no price guide for something that has few peers with regard to originality

The car offered here is a DB4 Series III Aston Martin, which differs from the previous two series due to a better oil cooling system, including a bigger sump. The car condition is as exceptional as its history. On September 30, 1958, its future and sole owner, Mr. Claude Rouzaud, was invited by David Brown and Marcel Blondeau (the French importer) to the introduction of the new DB4 at the Garage Mirabeau, 71 Avenue de Versailles, in Paris.

On that very day, Claude Rouzaud was convinced by what he had seen and driven. While testing a DB4 belonging to the Garage Mirabeau, he found a four-leaf clover, which he carefully kept in a small envelope that is still clamped in the owner’s manual.

Recognizing the qualities of the car, he ordered from the Garage Mirabeau a black DB4 with beige leather interior. This DB4 Series III, DB4621L, was delivered on March 28, 1961, and registered 6010 KZ 75 on April 7. More than 47 years later, this car is still the property of Mr. and Mrs. Rouzaud.

An Aston Martin is in any case a splendid automobile. The fact that this is a first-hand car with a well-documented history makes it highly desirable. What more can be said about a car that adds to these features an exceptional original and almost-new condition? The finish, the chrome-plated parts, and the light patina of the leatherwork are all proof of the good life enjoyed by the car, which shows a fresh condition that even many newly restored cars are lacking.

This DB4 Series III had been overhauled recently, with new brakes and new stainless steel exhaust. It works very well, does not overheat, and shows good oil pressure. The steering wheel and gearshift show no wear.

It will be delivered with its owner’s manual, tool set, and spare wheel, along with some documents, many of them coming from Aston Martin and signed by David Brown.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire such a superb Aston Martin and perhaps a unique one.

Stephen Serio

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Stephen is the president and owner of Aston Martin of New England / Lotus Motorsports Inc. in Waltham, MA, although for the most part, vintage European cars are where his heart is. His need to over-indulge in vintage European cars of the 1950s and 1960s inevitably leads to coveting one more car. Recent garage inhabitants include a Porsche 356A Speedster and 356A European coupe, Ferrari 275 GTS and 246GT, BMW 2002 and a Hudson Hornet. HIs vintage-Porsche-driving wife, Amanda, tolerates this all nicely.

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