1966 Shelby GT350 H

The Mustang was the first of the pony cars and the most charismatic. When equipped with a high-performance, 289-cubic-inch, 271-horsepower engine, they became favorites at the stoplight drags.

However, once sports-car maestro Carroll Shelby got his hands on the Mustang, they entered a different league. With subtle but critical modifications to the chassis and engine, the GT350 went on to trounce Jaguar E-types on the track and became B-production National Champions in SCCA racing. Top speed was around 120 mph and 0-60 mph was covered in 6.8 seconds. Even today, nearly forty years later, GT350s and Mustangs modified to GT350 spec are raced successfully in everything from the Monterey Historics to the Tour Auto.

You could rent a fully prepared Shelby Mustang from Hertz in 1966, something that seems incredible today given our current safety and insurance regulations. This car is one of that rental fleet, designated a GT350H.

It has received a “back to bare metal” cosmetic restoration and has been painted in the distinctive white with gold stripes-unusual as most Hertz cars were black with gold stripes. The engine is reconditioned and has had a recent tune-up. The transmission has been rebuilt with all the correct parts. It is a beautiful low-mileage car (76,620 miles on the odometer) that the vendor describes as “excellent” in every detail.