1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 Alloy Berlinetta

The 308 was what customers told Ferrari they wanted, the Daytona was what Ferrari thought the customers wanted, but the 275 Berlinettas were what he, the man, wanted


The 275 GTB has stood the test of time as well as any design in Ferrari history. In any of its many variations, its combination of aggression and aerodynamics is instantly recognized and unmistakably a Ferrari Berlinetta, a high performance GT with a giant stride and clearly defined purpose.

With only evolutionary changes from the first 2-cam 275 GTB of 1964, the 4-cam carried its major change under the hood: It was the first production Ferrari to adopt dual overhead camshafts, a head design evolved from the 275 and 330 prototypes. It made for a delightful sound and improved throttle response, and allowed a redline of 8,000 rpm. Delivered standard with six dual-barrel Webers and a racing-style dry-sump oiling system, its 3,280-cc V12 was rated at 300 hp.

Just 330 examples of the 275 GTB/4 were produced through mid-1968. Scaglietti built the bodies, most in steel, with alloy hoods, doors and trunks, as per standard Ferrari practice. But 15 or so cars were made entirely in aluminum-these were the best of the best, whose lighter weight takes maximum advantage of the torque and performance of the four-cam engine.

The 275 GTB/4 Berlinetta on offer here is just such an example. This rare Ferrari is completely original, including its paint and carefully preserved red leather interior. Showing less than 7,200 miles, it was carefully maintained in one of the oldest and best-known Ferrari collections in the U.S. for over 20 years and has never been apart, a true example of the way these cars were built when new. The current owner has freshened the car and used it enthusiastically, but sparingly.

John Apen

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