1968 Lamborghini 400GT 2+2

Bill Pack, courtesy of The Finest

400GT chassis 1183 was manufactured on October 17, 1967, and delivered new in Milano, Italy, to dealer Lamborcar.

Chassis 1183 was most recently cosmetically restored in 2009–15. The previous owner, Rick Botting of Total Fuel Systems in Las Vegas, NV, started the work. Prior to completion of a full cosmetic and mechanical restoration, the car was purchased by Ken Sterne of Asheville, NC. The cosmetic restoration was completed under his supervision, and 1183 then went to Ned Gallaher of Gallaher Restorations for minor mechanical sorting. Mr. Sterne then enjoyed this lovely 400GT as his driver for approximately one year. In November 2015, it was sent to world-renowned Lamborghini guru George Evans of Evans Automotive in Columbus, OH, for an “open checkbook” mechanical and electronic overhaul. Evans worked on 1183 for slightly over a year and sorted the car from head to toe, as can be seen in the 16-page $77,000 receipt for the work. There are also over 200 pictures documenting the work carried out.