1969 Monteverdi 375 S

I had always wanted one, perhaps because, like me, the car was Swiss-born, but with an American heart


With its beautiful, squatted-back, ready-to-pounce body styling, the Monteverdi 375 S was designed to be the definitive combination of luxury and power. The steel-bodied car was both strong and smooth. With 375 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque, it was capable of making the 0-60 mph jump in 6.3 seconds.
Its 440-ci V8 was ideal for brute force, but due to its great weight it was mounted as far toward the firewall as possible to achieve the most favorable weight distribution. Chassis construction employed the simple, tried and true formula of square-section steel tubing, with coil springs and double wishbones in the front and a de Dion tube axle in the rear.
The Series I Monteverdi 375 S was produced from 1967-69, and it is approximated that only ten were made. The car on offer here is one of just two brought legally into the U.S. in 1968. It bears the plate on the inside of the door that states its exemption from U.S. Department of Transportation requirements at the time, which otherwise would have prevented its being registered.
In the early 1990s, this Monteverdi was purchased by collector Bruce Milner of California after having received a restoration of exceptional quality. In 2003 the car was displayed at the Concorso Italiano in Pebble Beach, where it received much admiration.
The current owner subsequently bought the car and has since treated the 375 S to some freshening, including new tires, a rebuilt air conditioner, rebuilt clock, shocks, and a new muffler. It was also stripped to bare metal and repainted, with all chrome replated, as well. The interior received new leather and a full detailing.
This beautiful and rare Monteverdi 375 S shows incredibly low mileage at a little over 21,000. It is in exceptional condition and has been well-maintained and driven regularly. It is equipped with its original Becker radio and “power everything”-windows, brakes, and steering. It would be welcomed at many concours and will be sure to draw attention on the road.