1970 Aston Martin DBS Sports Saloon

Simon Clay, courtesy of Bonhams
Simon Clay, courtesy of Bonhams

This famous Aston Martin DBS was manufactured in the spring of 1970, complete with special modifications for its role in the British television series “The Persuaders!” in which star Roger Moore drove it in almost all of the 24 one-hour episodes.

Moore had expressed an interest in the Aston Martin, which he felt would be ideally suited to the character of Lord Brett Sinclair. Aston Martin was keen, and filming commenced with the DBS featuring in a memorable race against Tony Curtis’s Ferrari Dino from Nice Airport to the Hotel de Paris in Monaco.

“The Persuaders!” was pure escapism, and the on-screen chemistry between Moore and Curtis — and their relaxed, ad-lib style of acting — always made for great entertainment. After 24 episodes, Roger Moore was invited to take the role of James Bond, and so “The Persuaders!” was concluded.

After 24 years and 75,000 miles, the car was showing its age, and fourth owner Mike Sanders commissioned an uncompromising, no-expense-spared restoration to concours standards by Aston Martin. Sanders requested that the car be returned to the exact specification extant at the commencement of filming “The Persuaders!”

The restoration at Newport Pagnell took two years and was completed in 1997. The original engine and transmission were fully rebuilt, all ancillary equipment replaced or overhauled as necessary, and all electrical wiring renewed. The car retains all of its original major components as well as the interior leather and headlining, which did not require replacement. The DBS also retains its original radio in working order. Aston Martin Works installed an additional modern stereo unit, which is concealed within the glove box.

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