1972 Alfa Romeo 1600 Junior Zagato

Courtesy of Artcurial

The 1600 Junior Zagato we are offering has had only three owners. The most recent is a passionate collector of Italian cars, particularly sports models, that are light and pleasant to drive.

This car still has the “Blu Francia” color with which it left the factory. The body was repainted in 2010, with very careful detailing. The interior is in a very good original condition and still has its period Zagato carpet, which is impossible to find nowadays.

The matching chassis and engine numbers have been validated by the Centro Documentazione Alfa Romeo. The car features new GTA alloy rims and comes with its original registration documents. Our drive confirmed a particularly strong and agile car.

This model is particularly exclusive, and Ercole Spada, the famous Zagato chief designer, considers it one of his best designs. Made on the base of the Giulia but with the chassis shortened by 10 cm (3.9 inches), it features a Zagato body, which, in addition to offering a beautiful shape, also made the car lighter.

First offered as a 1300, the Junior Zagato became a 1600 in 1972. In this configuration, the production run was just 402 units, perhaps because of the significantly higher price compared to the standard coupe. It is indeed a model of great rarity.

In addition to these features, the example that we offer has the advantage of being well maintained and preserved in careful hands, which is very important for this type of car.