1972 Jaguar XKE V12 Coupe

Since its introduction in 1961, the E-type has been critically acclaimed as having some of the finest lines ever penned for an automobile. Even today, the long, cigar-like nose and short rear deck lid remain the standard by which other sports cars are judged.

Much of the design inspiration came from its racing predecessor, the D-type. With the E-type’s monocoque chassis construction, it was both longer and lower than its predecessor, but the racing heritage was undeniable.

Ten years and numerous tweaks later, Jaguar launched a V12 engine in its E-type, transforming it with an infusion of turbine-like torque and horsepower. Along with the engine, other more plush modifications were made, including power steering and power brakes.

The result was a very fine, if somewhat sophisticated, grand touring car. The primrose yellow Jaguar E-type 2+2 coupe shown here has fresh exterior paint. Its black leather interior is in excellent condition. Overall, the car has been very well maintained, and has all the correct trim, including original chrome wheels and hub caps. It is perfectly suited for Jaguar club events and cruises.