1977 Ferrari Dino 308 GT4

Despite what the haters, including our own Publisher Martin, have said, the Dino 308 GT4 is a wonderful example of 1970s angular styling

The 308 GT4 was presented the 1973 Paris Motor Show, first as a Dino then, in 1976, as a Ferrari. Some 2,826 cars were made to Ferrari’s specifications (four seats and a rear central engine) from 1973-80. The bodywork was by Bertone, even though Ferrari’s coachbuilding had been carried out by Pininfarina for nearly 20 years. In Sport Auto & l’Année Automobile 1974, José Rosinski credited the model with a top speed of over 155mph, with 1 kilometer covered from a standing start in 26 seconds.

The car presented is unusual for a Ferrari in being black, not red, and is a fine example of one of the most efficient and usable Ferrari road cars. It shows a total of 31,000 miles on the clock and comes with a folder containing all repair invoices since 1984. The current owner acquired it in 2004, and has spent over €20,000 on maintenance (carried out by Michel Mallier of Bois d’Arcy, near Paris). The driving belts and radial shaft seals were replaced in September 2007 after 28,400 miles.

The fragile sodium valves were replaced by solid valves; the steering rack and ball joints were also changed. The shock absorbers, suspension springs and all the silent-blocks are new. The oil pressure is very good, and the gear-box and clutch extremely smooth. A fitted stainless steel exhaust pipe has been mounted and the black wool carpets replaced, but the vinyl and beige velvet upholstery is original and in very fine condition. This Ferrari Dino is highly desirable and offers unbeatable value in terms of exclusivity, design, and pleasure at the wheel.