1984 Audi Quattro Sport

Anyone who’s ever stood in the cold on the side of a dark mountain road waiting for those headlights to come flashing by can understand the desire to own this car.


This 1984 Audi Sport Quattro is not only the works car of world champion Hannu Mikkola and Arne Hertz, but is probably the fastest street legal way two people can be transported from A to B, whether on tarmac or gravel.
The Sport Quattro is an evolution of the Audi Quattro, which took over world-class rallying. The Sport, with the marque’s celebrated
permanent four-wheel-drive transmission, was one of just 200 homologation special versions of the volume-produced Quattro coupe, and only one of approximately 20 assigned by the factory for competition work.
These supercars were only available in left-hand drive and were equipped with an all-new, 20-valve alloy block. They can be easily identified by their shortness (the wheelbase being 29-cm shorter than the standard Quattro coupe), some seriously bulging wheel arches, rear wing vents and single, square headlamps.
Chassis number 108 was initially prepared by the Audi competition department. Producing a mightily impressive 530 hp, the turbocharged, 2,144-cc, five-cylinder power unit has been modified from the original 2,122-cc capacity motor by Leimans of Lichtenstein. The engine was last rebuilt in 1999, we are told, and since then it has only done some 300 miles at track days and demonstrations. The last service was carried out 60 miles ago.
The current condition of panels and paintwork is said to be excellent, the electrics all work, and the engine and transmission are both reportedly in excellent order. The approximately 10,000 km displayed is believed to be the genuine total. In terms of the levels of ride, handling, braking, traction, and acceleration that can be enjoyed, this ex-works rally car is most unlikely to be bettered. Being one of only 20 or so short-wheelbase Quattro Sport competition cars, this ultimate Group B is not only extremely rare, but with the benefit of rally-winning Mikkola provenance, it is also unique.

Thor Thorson

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