1985 Porsche 928S

Many of the improvements the 928 introduced were just not the kinds of things most owners were looking for-at least not in 1978

Porsche’s distinctive 928 was announced in 1977 and followed the pattern of the groundbreaking but underwhelming 924, with a forward-mounted, water-cooled engine. Although similar in basic layout, the 928 shared no components with the 924.
The 928’s gently rounded 2+2 coupe coachwork was of steel monocoque construction with aluminum alloy doors, hood and rear hatch, and came with a six-year corrosion guarantee. The 928 was powered by a 90-degree V8 engine of 4.5 liters, with single overhead camshafts and fuel injection. It was available with both a five-speed manual and a three-speed automatic transmission. Its Weissach (say “vy-sock,” named after Porsche’s proving grounds) independently sprung rear axle was a new safety feature, significantly enhancing high-speed stability.
The 928S upped the ante with significantly enhanced performance from a 4.7-liter powerplant, developing 300 hp and providing a thoroughly exhilarating top speed of 152 mph.
The 1985 Porsche 928S on offer here is in right-hand-drive specification, presented in green livery with a brown leather interior. Factory fitted extras include an automatic transmission, limited-slip differential and electric sunroof. This car was acquired new by the seller and has covered just 7,318 miles at the time of cataloging. It comes complete with a valid registration document for its distinctive “A928 WJW” registration number.

Jim Schrager

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