1986 Lamborghini Jalpa P 350

Even if the Lamborghini V8s are stuck playing character actor roles to the V12 stars, the Jalpa stands as a better car than you might realize

Introduced in 1981 with production starting in 1982, the Jalpa was one of three Lamborghini production models imported to the United States at the time. Alongside the Countach and LM002, the Jalpa was the often-overlooked little brother in the supercar and supertruck lineup.
Based upon the Silhouette, which in turn was based upon the Urraco, the Jalpa continued the Lamborghini tradition of offering a V8-powered complement to its flagship V12 sports cars. The Urraco first came to market in 1972 with production continuing through 1976. The Silhouette was introduced in 1976, with only 52 of Lamborghini’s first “convertible” (it was actually a targa) built before production ended in 1979. The Jalpa then carried on for another decade until 1988.
All built on the same platform, later Urracos and the Silhouette shared the same three-liter motor while the Jalpa received an improved 90-degree, 3.5-liter V8. Where the three-liter was overburdened and at times strained, the new, larger engine not only provided a healthy exhaust note, but it never gave the driver the feeling it was overworked. Mounted transversely in a mid-engine layout and making 255 hp at 7,000 rpm, it propelled the Jalpa to an estimated top speed of 155 mph, according to contemporary reports.
The 1986 P 350 on offer here is reported to be in excellent physical condition, a true supercar from one of Italy’s premiere producers of exotic automobiles.