2000 F1/2000 Race Car

Of course, there is no experience like driving an F1 car: The sound, the incredible horsepower, the ridiculous braking ability, and the sheer competence of the chassis combine into sensory overload of the best sort


When Jody Scheckter won the Formula 1 drivers’ championship in 1979, few enthusiasts, and even fewer among the management at Fiat and Ferrari itself, could have suspected that it would be 21 long years before another driver would attain that elusive crown behind the wheel of a Formula 1 Ferrari.

That driver was the now-legendary, six-times World Champion, Michael Schumacher. This is the car, chassis 205, in which he ultimately clinched that historic breakthrough.

Rory Byrne and Ross Brawn designed and engineered the F1/2000 around an extremely advanced, molded carbon-composite monocoque chassis, powered by a 3-liter, 90-degree V10 engine developing in excess of 750 horsepower. Transmission is via a seven-speed, semi-automatic gearbox with sequential electronic fingertip “flipper” control.

Chassis 205, as offered here, has a total recorded works team mileage of 3,896 km, and has been run for a total of 18 hours, 30 minutes.

Offered now for the first time ever on the open market, Ferrari F1/2000 chassis 205 is a car of immense potential as a long term addition to any world class collection. No single car has probably contributed more to the Cavallino Rampante legend in recent decades. Few cars can claim to have won no less than four Grand Prix races, driven by arguably the greatest racing driver of all time. Even fewer can claim to have secured an F1 World Championship title, especially such a landmark one. Add to these factors the factory support now available for private owners wishing to use modern day F1 Ferraris on the track, and the user-friendly nature of the F1/2000 model and the appeal is obvious.

Racing cars don’t get much more historic than this, perhaps the most important single car to have been sold by Ferrari in the past 20 years.

Thor Thorson

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