2005 Enzo Ferrari

Prospective purchasers were selected based on their importance to the dealer; we assume the Pope was pre-qualified


Chassis number: ZFFCZ56B000141920

Ferrari entered the third millennium during an incredible phase of competition. In fact, Formula One has never offered the company such a true laboratory for advanced research. I decided that this car, which embodies the best of our technology, should be dedicated to our founder, who always thought that our road cars should take into account the lessons of racing. So this car, of which we are very proud, will be named Enzo Ferrari.”
Thus spoke Luca di Montezemolo introducing the Enzo. In the limited series produced at Maranello, which includes the 288 GTO, F40 and F50, the Enzo is the latest and most impressive showcase of Ferrari’s technology.
An extensive use of composite materials for the monocoque chassis and the body helped reduce the Enzo’s weight. Many components are made of honeycomb aluminum/nomex/carbon fiber sandwich material. In the car’s interior the carbon fiber is visible and functional. The majority of the controls are mounted on the steering wheel, as on the Formula One car.
The heart of the Enzo Ferrari, though, is the legendary V12, a direct descendant of the line that appeared in 1947 with the 125 F1. Once again, it has been totally redesigned, taking into account the latest lessons of racing such as the roof-shaped four-valve combustion chambers and the variable inlet timing.
The power is exceptional, with 660 bhp, the first time 110 bhp per liter had ever been achieved on a 500-cc-per-cylinder engine. The transmission is in unit with the engine. An electro-hydraulic system controls the gearbox and the clutch, minimizing the shifting time to about 150 milliseconds.
The Magneti Marelli sequential control allows for ultra-fast shifting just by pulling the right control on the wheel to shift up the gears and the left control to shift down. Two modes are offered: Sport for “daily” driving and Corsa for circuit-style driving. With the ASR off and in the Corsa mode, one can also use a “Launch Control” borrowed from the F1 cars for faster start.
The brakes were developed by Brembo in carbon fiber as on the Formula One cars. The use of this material gives outstanding braking power as well as a reduction of the unsprung weight.
This Enzo Ferrari was a present to the Pope from Ferrari. It is being sold for the benefit of Caritas charity.

Steve Ahlgrim

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