2008 Honda S2000 Convertible

Courtesy of Barrett-Jackson

Nerd culture is king.

“Star Wars,” “Avengers,” “Stranger Things” — these nerdy franchises are atop the popularity charts, as in vogue as it gets. As nerd culture spreads, it touches every facet of society — even sports cars.

Of the sports cars produced over the past two decades, none is nerdier than the Honda S2000. If the sports-car market is “The Avengers” comic-book movie franchise, the S2000 is Ant-Man.

Like Ant-Man, the S2000 is good — maybe, if we’re really honest with ourselves, the best of the bunch — but, if you are anything like me, you’re almost ashamed to admit it. You might pretend that, of its contemporaries, the Viper (Thor), the Corvette (Captain America) or the 360 Modena (Iron Man) is your favorite. Those are clearly more powerful and sexier.

No matter. Deep down, it’s really the twee, snappy and quick ant-charmer you like best of all.

I say this without casting even the slightest whiff of judgment on nerd culture, mind you. I wear a Seiko wristwatch and have an affinity for Toyotas and “Star Wars.” I get it. I, too, am a nerd.

That’s why I’ve been so tickled to see the S2000, like the under-appreciated Ant-Man, begin to have its day in the sun and receive the accolades it truly deserves.