“Goodall Special Sports”

According to information supplied by the vendor, this intriguing two-seater special is believed to have been constructed in 1926 by one Cleland C. Castleman. Built around an inverted ladder frame (hence the ground-hugging stance), it’s equipped with a beam front axle, “live” rear end, leaf springs, and Andre-Hartford-style friction dampers.

Clothed in a mixture of aluminum and steel, it rides on 19-inch wire wheels and features unusually large finned rear brake drums (those at the front appearing somewhat smaller).

Reputedly first registered in Surrey around 1930-32, an accompanying modern V5C document suggests a 1,479-cc displacement for its OHV straight six. This is mated to a manual gearbox, and it’s a conventional-looking powerplant with water pump, dynamo, tubular exhaust manifold and twin SU carburetors.

Although it was supposedly converted to road use in late 1945, the Goodall Special has not run for several decades. Full of ingenious touches such as the recycled ex-limousine occasional seats and quick-release mudguards, it’s thought to contain various items of Talbot 12/30 running gear.

Sporting an 80-mph Jaeger speedometer and sundry Smiths dials to the dashboard, this low-slung lightweight has the words “Goodall Special” etched into a sidelight, the number MC2595 cast into its crankcase and carries the intertwined initials “TC” or “CT” on each Bakelite rocker box fastener.
With traces of red and green paint (the latter matching the remnants of its leather cockpit lining), this potentially rewarding restoration project promises to be a welcome distraction around Boxing Day.

Thor Thorson

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Thor grew up in northern Iowa. His father bought a red Jag XK 150 in the late 1950s, and that was all it took; he has been in love with sports cars , racing cars and the associated adrenaline rush ever since. He has vintage raced for more than 20 years, the bulk of them spent behind the wheel of a blue Elva 7. When he’s not racing, he is president of Vintage Racing Motors Inc., a collector-car dealer and vintage-racing support company based in Redmond, WA. His knowledge runs the full spectrum of vintage racing, and he has put that expertise to good use for SCM since 2003.

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