Porsche 356 Speedsters

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The Speedster is widely acknowledged to be the Porsche that spearheaded the company’s successes in the United States and, ultimately, the world. The new open Porsche was the ultimate car for the enthusiast who wanted to drive during the week and go racing on the weekends. It received immediate acclaim and in both pushrod and four-cam versions was a mainstay on North American and European racing circuits.
Legendary movie star James Dean also owned a 1500S Speedster, which was his first racer. It was also the car he traded in on the 550 Spyder in which he was tragically killed in an accident on the way to his first race in his new car.
For every new model Porsche builds, there are prototypes and pre-series cars. However, these cars are destroyed and never reach customers. In the early days Porsche rarely designated a car as a prototype or pre-series vehicle. In fact, the only production car of the 356 series designated as a prototype is one of the Speedsters in this collection.
For those who seek even more unusual examples, the collection also includes the only two Pre-A Carrera (four-cam) “RS” Speedsters with 547 Spyder motors. In addition, the first Speedster ever raced is part of the collection, as is the first four-cam Carrera to see competition.
It took more than 20 years to assemble and restore this collection of six stunning Speedsters. Each car was restored to impeccable standards by world-renowned expert Tim Goodrich, and each has won numerous awards. Many would argue that the Speedster was Porsche’s most important car. Few would argue that the six stunning and rare open 356 Porsches on offer here constitute the finest collection of Speedsters extant anywhere in the world.

Stephen Serio

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Stephen is the president and owner of Aston Martin of New England / Lotus Motorsports Inc. in Waltham, MA, although for the most part, vintage European cars are where his heart is. His need to over-indulge in vintage European cars of the 1950s and 1960s inevitably leads to coveting one more car. Recent garage inhabitants include a Porsche 356A Speedster and 356A European coupe, Ferrari 275 GTS and 246GT, BMW 2002 and a Hudson Hornet. HIs vintage-Porsche-driving wife, Amanda, tolerates this all nicely.

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