In the ongoing hunt for our next Porsche, long-time contributor and friend of SCM, Jim Schrager, has succeeded in leavening my red mist with some thoughtfulness. There were many SCs and Carreras built, and there will always plenty to choose from. He has patiently walked me through many of the cars for sale, pointing out the reasons I should stay away from most of them.

Like all inexpensive (under $20,000) cars, the cost of repairs can easily reach 50% of the cost of purchase, without adding a dollar to resale value. That means you simply have to buy the right car in the first place.

So we’ve narrowed the range to SC and Carrera, from 1978 – 89. It doesn’t need to be a low-mile car — just something well-maintained and owner-loved. It has to be in a good color (no brown-over-brown please), with no stories. Head studs and (for the SC) tensioners must check out. You know exactly the kind of car I’m looking for.

I’d like to read your thoughts in the comments below, or if there’s something you’d like to have Jim look at for me, email me.

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