So, having owned both Berlinas and 2002s (but never an Audi S6), I’ve decided that it’s a Volvo that should come next—unless, in your collective wisdom, I get blogged into the Audi. For the Volvo, condition is more important than year or bodystyle. Think I’ve made the right decision? Or just headed down the path of fiscal immolation, again?  Please comment below and I will respond right away.

The SCM Nova Goes to Wine Country

On a simpler note, our 1964 Nova Chevy II 400 is nearly done. We’re fettling it now, which led us to rendezvous with long time SCM subscribers Michael Pierce (also a contributor to SCM), Mark Byrne and Jaime Gesundheit.

On the 80-mile roundtrip to the wineries of Dundee, the Nova behaved itself, with only non-canceling turnsignals and a heater that refused to heat creating any trouble. We’ve got an SS gauge package to install, and some tidying up of the headliner, and then the Nova is ready to rumble!

Happy Turkey Day, everyone. Celebrate by driving an old car on Thursday.

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