Alex Sullivan recommended some kind of Detroit iron, in honor of our newly launched title, American Car Collector. In fact, we are seriously shopping for something worthy of authentic muscle swagger.

SCM Data Analyst Chad Tyson recommended a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner “that we can put a 440 in.”

And there were of course a few ideas that I hope were offered tongue-in cheek.

Cory Farley offered his son’s 1995 Toyota Tercel.


G Craig Vachon recommended a 1969-1970 Chrysler 300 convertible: “23 feet of American love.”


Noelle Sweet recommended a Ford Pinto with woodgrain accents.


Martuin Tuip recommended an AMC Gremlin.


And Paul Gleason recommended an AMC Pacer “merthmobile”  – a vehicle of both mirth and meth, presumably.


Thanks for all the input. Please share your own suggestions in the comments below.

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