Keith’s Blog: Join The SCM Dash Across America in a Bradley GT!

SCM is inviting you on our latest madcap adventure.

As we announced in the April issue of SCM, we’ve purchased a most inconsequential old car — a Bradley GT. This mostly forgotten VW-based kit car was most notable for its gullwing doors. However, it is unlikely to be confused with a Mercedes 300SL.

The car is located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and we’d like to see in it Monterey at Legends of the Autobahn this August.

We don’t care how indirect the route is. If you’re up for driving a day or two, a week — or even the whole distance, drop Auction Editor Garrett Long a note at  He’ll stitch together routes for all of you.

Notes like: “I’m in the Chicago area and would like to drive the Bradley a few hundred miles west or south sometime in May” are welcome. We’ll work out the details.

We’ll provide you with a properly tuned and insured Bradley GT. The rest of the expenses are up to you. Plus your part will be immortalized in SCM.

The car should be ready by mid-April. Check your schedules and sign up today. This may that one chance to fulfill your secret inner dream of driving a VW-based kit car on the open road. I can say with surety that you won’t get this chance again.

Keith Martin

Keith Martin has been involved with the collector car hobby for more than 30 years. As a writer, publisher, television commentator and enthusiast, he is constantly on the go, meeting collectors and getting involved in their activities throughout the world. He is the founder and publisher of the monthly Sports Car Market and bi-monthly American Car Collector magazines, has written for the New York Times, Automobile, AutoWeek, Road & Track and other publications, is an emcee for numerous concours, and has his own show, “What’s My Car Worth,” shown on Velocity.

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  1. Woo Hoo! I’m in! My sweet husband recently passed away. We had Road-Trip fever. Actually we participated in the Great Race in 1999 and 2000 before we were married and figured if he could manage me telling him where to go and how fast to get there, then we should get married! After 8 more Great Race events and annual drives to Monterey for Pebble Beach and week-long events; I’m missing being on the road again. I’m in Scottsdale AZ and can drive this beautiful, unknown car to me, all the way to Monterey or to Palm Springs, or ??? Can hardly wait to see it nonetheless! As President of the Jaguar Club of Central Arizona and member of many other marquis clubs, I’m certain I could be Top Dog with my Car Nut friends. Maybe I could represent the car at the annual Arizona Concours in Phoenix next January!

  2. Just sent this note to Garrett:
    We’re in South Florida close to Fort Lauderdale and can take the first leg for as far as you want us to!
    In 2013 we completed the Peking to Paris Endurance Rally in a 1970 VW Beetle so we’re familiar with the mechanicals!
    Let us know how we can help!
    Keep Calm & Rally On!

  3. I’m in Malibu and could pick up the car within a hundred miles and drive it north by way of the Petersen Museum and the PCH to Mullin Automotive Museum so that this fine vehicle could be appreciated by the local SCM subscribers and other Automotive enthusiasts. If you want Photos of the car at any local Automotive touchstones like The Rock Store on Mulholland I’m sure we can find a few for the Travelog. If it is in my possession around the first or 3rd Sunday of the month I’ll also hit the local Cars and Coffees.

  4. I live in Wapakoneta, Ohio , which lies on Interstate 75 approximately 100 miles north of Cincinnati. I am available to drive anytime and willing to drive in any direction!
    I am a school teacher currently on disability waiting on double lung transplant, so I do a lot of sitting around. Why not sit in a cool ride like this Bradley GT?!
    Please schedule me to be part of this adventure!!
    Oh yeah, my name is Bradley and I’ve always loved these cars!!