So I’m reaching out to you to help get an image or two of Keith Martin, the publisher, a little further up the Google Images search page. If you can simply share the link to this article with your friends, and share it on your FaceBook and Google Plus page, we’ll see if in a few days some images of Keith Martin, car guy, start showing up in between the images of Keith Martin, big guy. Appreciate your help!

On the car side of things, our long summer finally ended and the rains have come. We’re spending time now tidying up the fleet for winter use, which includes a little upholstery work on the Giulia Spider Veloce before it gets put to bed, picking up the Defender 90 now that it has a new timing belt and rebuilt injection pump, ordering up a MAP sensor for the Volvo ES, and waiting for the DCO3s to come back from Pierce Manifolds so we can keep moving the Sprint Veloce towards being a car again. 

There will be a strong team of SCMers at SEMA next week, including Executive Editor Chester Allen and Managing Editor Jim Pickering. If you’ll be there and would like to meet up, be sure to email them.

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