The next day we drove the Jeep to the nearby Polo Fields for a three-hour horseback ride, and then drove out to the Copa Del Sol – a bowl-shaped structure of concrete that is clearly the vision of an artistic, not a practical, mind.

The village nearest our casita featured a sculpture of a giant bunny, for no reason we could discern.

As we traveled on, we experienced a string of very special potty stations, and I’ve posted a couple of pictures here. I do think we take for granted the facilities prepared for the public in our country; the posted examples will illustrate what I mean.

Then it was off to the Puerto Vallarta zoo, where visitors are encouraged to feed the animals with provided healthy snacks. Our last stop was the tony Imanta resort in Punta Mita. The very romantic room had its own pool and was perched directly on the rocks above the beach. The aggressive thunderstorms and lightening, coupled with the crashing surf, oddly enough combined for a relaxing sleep.

On our final day, as we approached the airport, we were pulled over by a traffic cop for “running a red light.” (If you say so, officer.) He told us we had two choices: come to the precinct office and pay the fine (not an option, as time was running out for us to check in) or, as he put,  “Pay me, cash – but unfortunately I don’t have a receipt book.” (Surprise.)

The fine was $100, and I wrote it off as a learning experience. But no sooner had we pulled up at Europcar when the supervisor of the traffic cops pulled up and asked if I had given cash to the officer. When I replied, “Yes,” he made the traffic cop return the $100  to me. He said it was illegal and wrong for the cops to take money from me, that the fine was really $20, that he was embarrassed for the behavior, and apologized to me.

Wow. Now my story was even better, and I had my money back!

Two hours later we were on our way back to the States, not quite ready to immerse ourselvesback in our daily routines. I’m thinking of building a giant concrete bowl in the SCM lunchroom.

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