Imagine 1,000 miles of two-lane roads, great scenery, fantastic cars and fellow SCMers. That’s the setting for this upcoming year’s two SCM tours. In June 2022 we are staging the one-time-only SCM 1000 AMG Invitational. Then a month later, we will hold the SCM 1000 Classic in July, for pre-1975 sports cars and featuring the cars of Italy.

These SCM 1000 Tours are designed to provided exciting roads suited for classic cars and a chance to be with other enthusiasts like yourself. The hub-and-spoke format for both events makes them partner-friendly, and there are a variety of other activities available at each venue in addition to driving.

As a member of SCM, you are eligible for $500 early-bird discount to either tour. Both events have limited openings, so be sure to register soon.

For Mercedes Fans

Our June tour is the AMG Invitational, presented with the support of AMG and The Mercedes Classic Center, The Star and The MB Market. Open to all AMG and other high-performance Mercedes, the tour starts on June 19 and goes through June 24.

This is your opportunity to exercise your AMG or other high-performance Mercedes in the company of like cars and fellow Mercedes enthusiasts. It is a one-time-only event.

It is hub-and-spoke format, so you are in the same hotel, the Hilton by Doubletree in Bend, OR, for all five nights. In addition to the remarkable scenery of the High Desert, you will visit Crater Lake and the Oregon High Desert Museum and enjoy its raptor show. There’s nothing quite like a barn owl flying inches from your face.

As Mercedes (along with the rest of the auto industry) shifts towards emphasizing electrification, this event is designed to celebrate the Mercedes high-performance internal combustion engine, from the 300SL Gullwing to the new AMG SL.

There will be nightly “Conversations with Collectors,” where you can ask questions and have discussions with AMG experts on collectability, values and even tech tips. During registration, you will have a chance to submit questions you would like our experts to address.

The tour is $8,000 for two people in one car, all-inclusive. Support crews and vehicles will be on the route, including an SCM Garage pop-up where every morning you will have a place to check your fluids and tire pressures and prep your car for the day ahead.

The event is limited to just 45 cars. As an SCM member, you are eligible for a $500 early-bird discount. This expires on January 17. Registration for the AMG Invitational closes on February 14. For more info, go to

The SCM 1000 Classic

Our July event, the SCM 1000 Classic, is for sports cars built before 1975. While cars of Italy are featured, all marques are invited to apply. This tour, like the June event, is limited to just 45 cars.

A special treat will be having Bill and Jane Warner as our Hagerty Grand Marshalls. In our “Nightly Conversations with Collectors,” Bill will be available to chat and tell stories including being on the original Cannonball Run. Our Legal Files columnist John Draneas will be joining me on the panel with Bill each evening. As with all of our tours, as a part of registration you will be asked to jot down any questions you would us to address.

The event is hub-and-spoke from the lovely Skamania Lodge and will be held from July 17-22. The tour will feature the Oregon Coast, the Columbia Gorge and a lunch at historic Timberline Lodge. Dinner one night will be on the sternwheeler “Portland Spirit” where we get a close-up view of the Columbia River’s Bonneville dam.

The tour is $8,000 for one car and two people, all-inclusive. Early registration discount of $500 for SCM members expires on January 31. Registration closes February 28. For more information, go to

It’s Going to be a Great Summer

If you have any specific questions about the tours, please feel free to contact us. The Executive Director of the SCM Touring Series is Sue Counselman. As always, you can email me at [email protected].

I look forward to driving my 2004 SL55 AMG on the AMG tour, as well as joining you on the SCM 1000 Classic. Bill and Jane Warner will start the event in my newly acquired 1971 Citroen DS21 Pallas.

When Bill accepted our request to be our Grand Marshall, he asked, “Since it is an Italian-themed event, will I be driving a Lusso or Maserati A6G Zagato or Countach?” My reply was, “Well, sort of. I’m sure you’ll enjoy our 1971 Citroen DS21 Pallas. If you squint when you look at it, it kind of resembles a Fiat Supersonic that was left under a heat lamp for too long.”


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