SCM’s beloved 1975 Ferrari 308 GT4 is on Bring A Trailer at No Reserve!

Click here for the listing.

The auction ends Thursday at 1:35 p.m.

This is a remarkable car. I bought it from Fantasy Junction a year ago, flew down to Oakland with Bradley and drove it up the coast to Portland.

While Bradley (and my co-pilot Richard Lincoln’s dog Carrera) were a little cramped in the back seats, they made it.

This Ferrari has been documented in Forza for having 200,000 miles. It has had a couple of engine rebuilds. It runs strong and makes a great sound.

I wanted a non-sunroof car, as they are lighter, have no leaks and more headroom. This is my second GT4, and they are the best driving of all the V8 Ferraris.

Frankly, as soon as my clutch leg is fully recovered, I expect I’ll be in the market for another GT4!

Whoever ends up with this car will have a bargain exotic with miles of smiles ahead.

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