On Friday, we arrive at Lake Como for the Villa d’Este Concours private reception on Saturday.

Sunday morning, I’ll get behind the wheel of a new Rolls Royce Phantom II sedan, switching to a Rolls Royce coupe for Monday. The route will take us to London.

From there, it’s back across the Atlantic, ending up in Ft. Wayne, IN en route to Auburn – where I will meet up with Donald Osborne to shoot more episodes of “What’s My Car Worth.” I’m finally home on Sunday, June 3 – and get back on a plane on Friday, June 8 to pick up my daughter Alexandra, in Grenoble, France, where she has been studying for the past year.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself where the logic is in this convoluted schedule. When I first arranged to get Alex, there was no invitation from BMW for Villa d’Este, nor had the television episodes been scheduled. In fact, it appeared that we would be shooting at Spring Carlisle.

But as the pieces of the schedule puzzle began to fall into place, the number of miles travelled began to climb.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to see Villa d’Este, and to drive vintage BMWs and modern Rolls Royces. Watch my Facebook account for more. And say hello if you’re there, or at Spring Auburn.

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