The Corvair was exactly as described — EXCEPT—it wore a cheapie respray from years ago, the seats had Wal-Mart covers (poorly installed), and all exterior chrome strips were missing, as well as the chrome around the front and rear glass. Oh, and the engine had a tappet knock, and a vintage, pungent smell emanated from the car’s rear end, due to oil dripping onto the exhaust manifold.


It drove well enough, and I liked the fact that the rear seat folded down completely flat. The dash-mounted shifter had a certain “cool” factor and the light steering was a plus.

But it wasn’t the car for us. Even if I had offered $2,000 and became an owner, the car was a bottomless pit that could never be made right. I hate to walk away from any car, especially a model I haven’t owned before, but I’d be much better off finding a good one and paying too much. Well, a little too much.

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