I’d like to thank everyone who offered their opinions about my desire to mount Hella driving lights on my 1972 BMW 2002tii. I would say that 2/3 of you thought putting lights on the car was a mistake, and all of you were strongly opposed to drilling holes in the virgin bumpers.

However, along with the comments came some solutions. One SCMer suggested I go to the 2002 forum and search for “driving light mounts.” I did, and found these on eBay:


They were just $34.99, shipping included, and they are already here at the office.

Then it was off to Amazon to pick out some lights. I settled on this kit, with all necessary wiring, a switch and a relay. The whole setup was just $68.64 with free shipping (thank you Amazon Prime), and they’ve already arrived.

Since I’m on this lighting binge, I thought, “Why not replace the stock headlights with H4s?” I found this pair for $74.12, shipping included, and I’ve been told I won’t need to put in a relay, as they are the 55-watt units.

I’m hoping this gives me the look I think I want (Won’t know until I try, will I?) — and the things I am doing are reversible, so I’m not creating any permanent damage.

Buddy, Can You Spare a Warn Winch for My Rover?

Now, here’s this week’s query for you. I have a 1984 Land Rover D90 Turbo Diesel that I imported from England. It was used in off-road competition there, and is festooned with Warn winch signage, including stickers from the 1999 European challenge.

I went on a run last Saturday in Tillamook State Forest, and with its newly-rebuilt injection pump and fresh head (That’s what you get when you wait too long to replace your timing belt and it snaps), it performed brilliantly.

But the Warn winch rep we met up with, Eric Roe, was not happy. He noticed that although my rig was “Warn dressed,” I had a Superwinch front bumper and winch. And Warn is a big supporter of our Pacific Coast Rover Club. I explained that this was the bumper that came with the rig, and that it was designed specifically to fit a Superwinch.

So I am wondering, do you think I should switch to a Warn D90 front bumper and winch? And if so, is there anyone out there who has one they would like to sell — or trade for my front bumper and winch? The winch, by the way, is in excellent condition.

I’ll keep you posted on the tii lights, and I look forward to your suggestions on the winch. Please share your thoughts below in the comments section of this blog. You can also check out two Rover Club videos and a photo gallery.


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