Keith’s Blog: To Denver and Back in the Same Morning, Plus New Year’s Resolutions

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(Btw, there’s a RHD 1974 Cooper available in Portland for the reduced price of $6,500. Hey, I’ve always wanted another one of those, and it’s cheap!)

Resolution #1: Don’t buy anything that I haven’t looked at with a specialist, or had a specialist look at on my behalf. With shop rates hovering at $100 / hour, it just costs too much to take care of all the little things that a distant seller can “forget” to mention.

Resolution #2: Don’t buy a car that is advertised as “nearly completely restored.” That’s like leaning into a punch, don’t you think? If it was so easy to put the car back together, why hasn’t the seller already done it?

Resolution #3: Don’t buy a car that has been color-changed. It’s just so tiresome, saying “Well, it was born green, but now it’s mostly red.”

Resolution #4: Don’t confuse a mass email sent out to 20,000 car guys with a “special offer meant only for me.”

Resolution #5: Try to cut back the number of saved searches on eBay. (The current ten include any BMW 2002 Tii, pre-1975 Alfa or Ducati Monster within 250 miles of PDX; Triumph GT6  or Austin-Healey 3000 within 500 miles of PDX; Porsche 911SC, Range Rover Classic and so on…)

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Resolution #6: Ditto with the Craigslist RSS feeds, streaming from a variety of West Coast cities.

Resolution #7: Work with the ACC team to buy an ACC muscle car for the garage – I’m just nervous they’ll do something like run over the Isetta with a Road Runner and not even feel the bump.


Resolution #8: And finally, find time this year to create an SCM tour where we can invite our friends from around the country to spend a couple of days exploring the spectacular roads of central and eastern Oregon.

Have tweaks for my resolutions, or thoughts of your own? I look forward to reading them in your responses below.

Happy New Year to everyone, and thanks for being a friend of SCM.

Keith Martin

Keith Martin has been involved with the collector car hobby for more than 30 years. As a writer, publisher, television commentator and enthusiast, he is constantly on the go, meeting collectors and getting involved in their activities throughout the world. He is the founder and publisher of the monthly Sports Car Market and bi-monthly American Car Collector magazines, has written for the New York Times, Automobile, AutoWeek, Road & Track and other publications, is an emcee for numerous concours, and has his own show, “What’s My Car Worth,” shown on Velocity.

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