Tonight Santa circumnavigates the globe, leaving presents for young and old everywhere.

To make sure that car collectors aren’t left out of his munificence, on behalf of all of you, we’re sending this to him via SCM email express.

Dear Santa:

We’ve all been good little boy and girl collectors this year.

Therefore, we request you look favorably upon the following tiny requests.

Under our tree, please leave:

1) A Ferrari SWB. It seems like everyone at the Arizona auctions has one, and we’re told that, at under $10m, they are the “affordable alternative” to a GTO.

2) An Alfa Giulietta Sprint “resto-mod.” Let’s start with a garden-variety Sprint Normale, put on the aluminum doors, hood and trunk from a lightweight, gut the interior, and stuff a built 2-liter engine into it with a close-ratio GTA gearbox and limited-slip rear end. We’ll call it “The Bad Boy.” By the way, this is Matt Jones’ dream car.

3) An MGA with an 1,800-cc engine and a 5-speed gearbox. My second car was an MGA, and in 1968 I tried to drive it from San Francisco to Chicago for the Democratic National Convention. I left a trail of connecting rods, water pump and generator bearings and rear main seals for thousands of miles, and never got past Colorado. I’d like to try again, with a better weapon this time.

4) A “no limits” bidder’s paddle for the upcoming Arizona auctions, and a winning lottery ticket to pay for the purchases.

5) Finally, a full-time car hauler and driver, and full-time mechanic with shop and lift. Living without both has been difficult, to put it mildly.



Enjoy your family and your cars this holiday season, and I look forward to seeing you in the auction tents and on the road in 2014.

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