The MGB shuffling continues as our tour (June 12-14) approaches. The Durango burgundy convertible is nearly done, with new brake hoses (cracked ones didn’t seem too smart), new leaf springs, and A-arm bushings installed. More deferred maintenance than I expected—why am I not surprised? Delivered the white convertible to Harold’s Automotive Repair today, where they are installing leaf springs and attending to a host of minor things, such as windshield squirters. The MGB-GT should be heading in next week. Then – the shakedown tour to Timberline Lodge! We’ll let you know when it’s going to happen and make an SCM parade out of it. Do you have a tow strap?

Alex drove the Range Rover Classic on the annual Pacific Coast Rover Club’s Women’s Run on April 2. She took along two sorority sisters (Alpha Phi) and her cousin, and they all had a terrific time. Rover guru Doug Shipman reported that “aside from having a heavy throttle foot” (some things run in the family), she was throwing mud and snow from all four wheels and had the Rangie ably clambering up the hillsides. The Rangie returned home with some new battle scars, and now there is coolant leaking from the underside of the water pump. All in a day’s excitement.

The Isetta should be coming back from the shop today, the ’64 Nova Wagon interior upholstery and SS gauge package with factory tachometer are nearly complete, and the 219 / 220 will be trundled out for a photo op soon.

Stay tuned for more.

Peter Klute’s 1948 Willys Jeepster resto-mod

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