The GTV did worse. The driver’s door was folded back against the front fender (I was just thinking it was time to reinstall the restraining straps on the doors), denting the door and fracturing the paint badly.

Yes, it’s reparable, and I can have a few other flaws remedied at the same time. But I wanted to have that stuff done on my timeframe, not because I had goofed up.

Well, with the ponton totaled, the boat missing its drain plug and almost sinking, and now the GTV / bicyclist incident, I hope I’ve had my three and can look forward to a few months without any automotive drama.

On the lighter side, I got to kick some English tires last Saturday at Cars in the Park at the Portland Art Museum, and realized I’ve never had a good Morgan or Triumph GT6. Got one, anybody? Drop me a note at [email protected]

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