Alex’s Most Excellent Summer

My 19-year-old daughter has been clamoring for more track time, and her schedule is just falling into place. When she’s not working at the SCM office, or tending to our booths at Bloomington Gold and in Monterey, she’ll have a chance to exercise some interesting cars, at speed.

In June she’ll be taking her second course from Pro Drive at Portland International Raceway, a full day of on-track instruction driving the SCM Lotus Elise. It’s just been fitted with new Yokohamas, and we expect her grin to be a wide one.

Then, in July, the Central California Chapter of the BMW Car Club of America has invited Alex and me to attend their high performance driving school at Buttonwillow Raceway in California. We’ve heard good things about this event, and invite you to join us there; it’s just $499 for two full days of track time (add $48 if you are not a BMW CCA member), surely one of the great track day bargains today.

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