Our white “B Team” MGB is at Consolidated Autoworks, and Ed Grayson reports that the springs on it are so collapsed that they have almost a negative arc. Plus the rear end is howling. However, he has located a used rear-axle assembly including springs for $300, so that problem should be soon solved. A couple of other small things, like heater valve, tune-up and oil change, and it will be on to the next car. We do need a 71-74 rear bumper, 8 71-74 bumperettes and maybe, just maybe a set of Panasport or Minilite mags to dress up the cars. If you have any of this stuff laying around your garage, contact me at [email protected].

And wrapping it all up, the 1959 220S Ponton is at MBI Motors, where the fresh-air tubes that go to the heater are being replaced by modern fiberglass replicas (the originals were pressed cardboard and have disintegrated), I am having the reserve fuel mechanism installed (there is no reserve warning light – the engine just starts to sputter, then you pull a lever which switches the input from a higher to a lower outlet on the fuel tank). Plus, the vintage Becker AM/FM/SW radio with signal seeking bar is being rebuilt by a specialist in Carleton Oregon.

Lest we forget, the 1957 Isetta is having an electronic ignition installed (More power! More power!) and we hope to have it back in the stable soon.

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