Wendie will be running the SCM booth at the show. If you’ve got a moment to come by and help her out, that would be great. In any event, renew your subscription and get your snazzy new SCM hat – I hear that in La Jolla, hats are used to prevent sunburn, not drowning by raindrops.

The herd of MGs is getting restive – the white convertible is back from Consolidated Autoworks and in fine fettle, the burgundy convertible was delivered to Harold’s Auto Sevices, where it immediately snuggled up the other couple of dozen English cars roosting there.

We spent the weekend smashing and bashing our poor pampered Range Rover, cruising up Cedar Tree trail in the Tillamook State Forest. Chubb iPad app developer Michael Cottam was my copilot, and our two three-year-olds, Benjamin and Bradley, were the back seat drivers. Aside from bending the rock sliders on both sides and putting a tasty dent in the right rear corner of the Rangy, the only other damage was to my ego as everyone else seemed to go faster, with ease, than I could manage.

Head’s Up – Thinning the SCM Collection

In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be selling the SCM Volvo, Mercedes 219/220S and the Land Rover Series III 88. I asked if we could keep one in the living room, but didn’t get a very positive response. So it’s a little reshuffling of the fleet – watch this space for details.

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