Last year I put out a call that I was looking for a 1967 Alfa Duetto and got several responses. Just as I was getting ready to pull the trigger, a tidy 1967 Giulia Super showed up on the radar. I couldn’t have both, so I took the four-door (to the delight of my six-year-old) and put the Duetto on hold.

But that was then, and this is now. With our Nova and Isetta sold in Scottsale, there’s room in the garage for a Duetto.

My thoughts have evolved from last year. What I am looking for now is a clean 1967 with its original engine and in original colors. You Alfisti know exactly what I mean — a nice, straight, correct car with no stories or excuses, but not a concours one. We drive our Alfas around here.

When we get the Duetto, it means our core five-Alfa collection will be complete. The Duetto will join the 1967 Super, the 1965 Giulia Spider Veloce, the 1967 GTV and the 1958 Sprint Veloce. Each is representative of a car that I owned or wanted to own during my formative years, when I spent many weekends working as a mechanic on the Alfas of Hilary Luginbuhl’s Rubber Chicken Racing Team in San Francisco.

All of these Alfas left an impression on me, and it will be good to have one of each of them, all together in the SCM garage.

Contact me directly at [email protected], and let’s move your boattail from your garage into ours. Unlimited visitation rights granted, of course!

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