Who: Host Philip Richter and panelists Alec Cartio, Matt Crandall and Dean Laumbach
What: Pick Six — SCM Live!
Where: Wherever you are — it’s online via Zoom
When: Thursday, August 6 at noon PST.

This week, Alec Cartio, Matt Crandall and Dean Laumbach join guest host Philip Richter to take a look at current listings on Bring a Trailer. We’ll pick six cars currently for sale, dive into each model and discuss where they’ll fall within the market.

Alec Cartio is an Iranian-Swedish-American music video, automotive commercial and film director. He has had about 50+ successful classic car marketing projects, auctions and trade sales in the past three years. He specializes mainly in making history films about car’s owners and the cars themselves. His main car of focus is the BMW 8-series — he’s currently filming the pilot of a series called Classic Car Custodians.

Matt Crandall is the owner of the Avant Garde Collection, a specialty dealership in Portland, OR. He has also served as General Manager of Grand Prix Imports, as well as Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo —the oldest Ferrari dealership in the US.

Dean Laumbach is a consultant specializing in the acquisition, sales, and restoration of post war Mercedes-Benz vehicles. He’s a licensed used car dealer in New Jersey, specializing in primarily in “youngtimer” Mercedes Benz vehicles.



Philip Richter, SCM Contributor, writes the online journal Turtle Garage. He collects vintage BMW motorcycles and German cars. He is Treasurer of the United States Equestrian Team Foundation and President of Hollow Brook Wealth Management LLC, a New York-based private investment firm. He also serves on several public company boards and foundations including the Malcolm Pray Achievement Center, where he advises on the educational program and car collection.

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