The car pictured here was prepared by the well-known Roman specialist Franco Angellini for participation in European GTS Historic Racing. Modifications from original specification include stiffening of the chassis and mounts, the fitting of a Colotti limited-slip differential, a close-ratio gearbox, improved braking system, steel exhaust, oil cooler and, importantly, the blueprinting of the engine. This SS is now capable of 165 bhp at 8,000 rpm. A set of road wheels are offered with the car together with a set of Borrani race wheels presently fitted to the Sprint Speciale. The Alfa Romeo was purchased by Mr. Peter Thomas 18 months ago at the Brooks December '95 sale with the intention of modest competition/rally use. The car had previously enjoyed considerable racing success, and has participated in the Coppa d'Italia and rally of Castelmonte. Identification papers including FIA, CSAI and HSCC documentation, come with the car. The ideal car with which to participate in Historic Sports Car competition. {analysis} This SS was sold at Brooks Auction on June 20, 1997 for $22,700. In general, SSs are not competitive in U.S. vintage races due to their heavy coachwork. In terms of cost of work done, this car was a bargain. However, unless the new owner finds a competitive slot for it in a vintage venue, they are likely to spend most of their track time watching the field pass them by. - ED. {/analysis}

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