Richard Martinez always wanted a Corvette, and he finally found one he liked. The car was a 1959, finished in Roman Red with an Ermine White cove, with a red vinyl interior and a hard top, an older restoration that was wearing well. The car was for sale at Jabaay […]

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  1. Scott Chamberlain

    Came up with another, perfectly legitimate reason for the car to be as it is. On first gen Corvettes, frames rust, especially in the midwest. If someone put the car in question on a ‘donor’ frame, the restorer could have removed the donor ID in an attempt to NOT make it look like a stolen car. Of course few real Corvette people would ever re[place a car’s ‘born with’ VIN tag; it would massively devalue the car. My crystal ball sees endless years of litigation between owner, dealer, insurance companies, and potentially the state of Kansas. No wonder Dorothy left!
    Anecdote: Many years ago, I was attending the SCCA Solo II Nationals in Salina. A friend asked where the locals go ‘for a good time’. Without breaking a smile, the local answered “Indiana”.